Robert Russo and Associates Radiology Centers Select CoActiv EXAM-PACS® and CoActiv Vendor-Neutral, Cloud-Based, QUAD-REDU

Advanced Functionality with Multi-Redundant Storage and All Images Local and Live

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Robert D. Russo M.D. and Associates Radiology, a busy five-location imaging practice headquartered in Bridgeport, CT, has selected CoActiv (RSNA Booth # 9100) to provide its advanced web-based EXAM-PACS and EXAM-VAULT® QUAD-REDUNDANT cloud-based archiving to manage, communicate and store images from a full range of modalities enterprise wide. This busy, nationally recognized, seven-radiologist practice sought a state-of-the-art PACS that could cost-effectively support its rapidly growing image volume and store many years’ worth of exams onsite for instant retrieval, particularly mammography priors. Another important goal for the new PACS was ultra-fast image communications among its multiple sites.

“CoActiv was able to deliver all the features and functionalities we required and more,” said David Grandchamp, Director of IT and Business for Russo and Associates. “The company was extremely dedicated to meeting all our needs and migrated more than 500,000 exams in a matter of weeks from our previous PACS and archiving vendor’s storage systems. Now all our images are available local and live—as well as backed up offsite for disaster protection and guaranteed business continuity.”

Another especially attractive EXAM-PACS feature, according to Grandchamp, was the ability of the PACS to make all mammography workstations reading-ready by automatically recalling and transmitting all relevant prior exams, along with the current mammograms, to radiologist workstations.

Prior to installation of the CoActiv PACS and archiving, Russo and Associates had been relying on a seven-year-old PACS, whose technology had become outdated. With a search team that included Dr. Robert Russo, Christina Solano, PACS and RIS Administrator, and David Grandchamp, in 2009, the practice launched a year-long search that involved multiple product demonstrations, site visits, informational screenings at RSNA and user interviews.

Known for its commitment to quality and its dedication to leveraging leading edge technology for the benefit of patient care, Russo and Associates serves as a luminary site for a number of well-known vendors and boasts long lists of firsts in deploying advanced equipment. “Given our experience, we had a strong sense of what we were looking for and CoActiv emerged a clear winner on many fronts,” said Grandchamp.

CoActiv’s EXAM-PACS provided Russo and Associates with a complete range of today’s leading edge features. These included management of new imaging modalities such as Dilon Technologies breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI) files, as well as scanned information and notes in both verbal and voice files.

CoActiv provided these features, as well as their advanced 3D image reformatting, at no extra cost. It also included such cutting edge features as mobile device and iPad compatibility.

Also important to the busy practice group was the EXAM-PACS solution’s advanced automatic referring physician interface, which provides referrers with a desktop and toolset similar to the radiologist interface, unlike the previous PACS. With this, Russo and Associates radiologists can easily talk to their referrers through an image review session when needed. Busy referring doctors now have their patient studies automatically sent directly to their desktops as soon as the exams are completed, no searching and most importantly, no waiting.

Archiving also was vastly improved. Prior to the upgrade, Russo and Associates’ exams were stored with a third party archive service provider in a tiered configuration, with older exams located only offsite. Radiologists had to have priors manually pre-fetched the evening before use, a cumbersome and inflexible requirement. CoActiv was able to store all images in its Tier-IV data centers and replicate them in multiple locations, as part of its cloud-based QUAD-REDUNDANT ARCHIVING system. In addition, as part of its affordable per-exam storage pricing, CoActiv provided a separate onsite archive with a seven-plus year exam capacity. The result was dramatically faster exam recall, especially for mammography priors.

“The EXAM-PACS installation was fast and seamless with almost no learning curve,” says Grandchamp. “The icing on the cake—the PACS was implemented with a per-exam price structure and no upfront costs!”

About CoActiv

CoActiv Medical is a leading healthcare software and IT systems provider offering a full line of PACS, digital image and data storage services, and related solutions for hospitals, imaging facilities and medical practices of all sizes. CoActiv’s EXAM-PACS® family of web-based PACS solutions provide leading edge, affordable and scalable image management with sophisticated tools that cater to the needs of radiologists as well as a full range of other imaging specialists. Available as both enterprise server-based and cloud-based solutions, EXAM-PACS is designed for easy integration into imaging facilities of any size. Comprised of modular software components, EXAM-PACS enables any site to customize a solution to meet their specific needs and budgets or to add advanced functionality to an existing PACS solution. EXAM-PACS includes EXAM-FILER® CD-burning solution; vendor-neutral, HIPAA compliant, offsite/online cloud-based EXAM-VAULT® QUAD-REDUNDANT ARCHIVING®; patent-pending EXAM-SENDER® referring physician system; EXAM-3D® advanced, multi-modular 3D color reconstruction and visualization; and EXAM-NET teleradiology suite. EXAM-PACS includes such premium features as support for breast specific gamma imaging (BSGI) and storage of non-DICOM data, such as prescriptions, reports and surgical plans in patient files. Complementing this is CoActiv’s family of EXAM-RIS® solutions scaled for imaging facilities of every size site and budget. Contact CoActiv at (203) 894-1651; [email protected];


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