Researchers must consider young adults as a separate population; The state of international healthcare systems;

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> A new report from the Institute of Medicine says health researchers must consider young adults between 18 and 26 as a distinct subpopulation. Report (.pdf)

> In the wake of problems within the U.K.'s National Health Service, a new report from The Guardian compares health systems around the world. Article

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> Where have all the community benefits gone? That's a question asked by the Berkeley, CA-based Greenlining Institute, which recently examined how hospitals in San Francisco were expending their community benefits. Greenlining could not find much of an answer. Article

> Medicare may penalize many hospitals for patient readmissions due to circumstances that are beyond their control, according to Forbes contributor Peter Ubel. Article

> The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has issued an update on its settlement process with providers regarding disputed short-term hospital claims. Article

And Finally… A multimillion-dollar birthday present. Article