Reliability Center, Inc. Unveils Web-Based PROACTOnDemand℠ Enterprise Risk Management Software Suite

First-Ever ERM SaaS Delivery Model Enables Healthcare Providers to Cost Effectively Identify – and Eliminate – Patient Safety and Quality Risks

HOPEWELL, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Reliability Center, Inc., (RCI) which provides enterprise risk management software, training and consulting services for healthcare providers, today announced the launch of PROACTOnDemand℠, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) Root Cause Analysis (RCA) version of its applications. This leading-edge solution is designed to help healthcare providers improve processes that impact patient safety and the cost of care as they face increasing reimbursement challenges and scrutiny of adverse outcomes.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has emerged as an effective strategy for identifying, preempting and correcting processes and procedures that can lead to costly errors and inefficient operations. “There is great emphasis placed on quality and cost containment in today’s healthcare environment,” says Robert Latino, CEO of RCI. In response, providers increasingly turn to resources outside of their organization for new tactics and technologies to deliver better performance.

“What’s often overlooked are the tremendous gains that can be achieved by closely scrutinizing how things get done today – and what can be done to improve workflow, decision-making and task execution,” notes Latino. “Caregivers are often so busy that they rarely are afforded the time to think through why things did not turn out as expected. As a result these undesirable outcomes recur and we become proficient at providing the best care we can, despite them. PROACTOnDemand RCA provides a means of eliminating the risk of recurrence.”

For example, one facility utilized Reliability Center RCA tools to quantify losses associated with the continual need to redraw blood in the emergency department. With the average cost of a redraw calculated at $300, the facility concluded it had lost about $3 million the previous year due to more than 10,000 repeated blood draws. The analysis revealed that 80% of the occurrences were attributable to blood culture contaminations, which allowed an RCA to be conducted on this specific issue. With this information in hand, the facility was well-equipped to implement specific practices for immediate improvement and greatly reduce redraw costs.

Latino points out that, without an analysis of this nature, “the facility would have been unable to aggregate those seemingly small losses to know how much they cost a year. Unnecessary expenditures like these are too often accepted as the proverbial ‘cost of doing business,’ while in fact they represent a genuine and significant leak that could be dammed.”

The PROACT® RCA methodology and software have been combined into RCA SaaS - Software as a Service. Healthcare organizations can now achieve significant ROI faster, easier and more completely than ever before.

  • Available 24/7 – globally
  • Available by subscription
  • IT-independent
  • Low start-up cost starting at $300

Also available as an add-on module in PROACTOnDemand are the PROACT Logic Tree Knowledge Management templates. “These unique templates have been developed based on the extensive experience of healthcare professionals skilled in the various clinical settings and Root Cause Analysis experts in facilitating investigation teams,” Latino explains. “They are one-of-a-kind PROACT Logic Trees comprised of undesirable events that happen in numerous clinical settings across all departments.”

By unveiling the first-ever ERM SaaS delivery model, Reliability Center expedites the ERM process without requiring providers to incur infrastructure costs or commit to long-term technology investments. Users throughout the healthcare enterprise can access PROACTOnDemand anytime with a standard Web browser using IE 6+ or MAC PC Boot Camp, enabling the efficient management of workflow as well as increased collaboration among team members. With all data housed securely in a central private repository per account, users can easily locate previous analyses and apply resulting business and clinical intelligence to current situations, reducing analysis time and accelerating results.

Reliability Center protects client data utilizing encrypted and secured PCI-compliant purchasing software and code authenticity with SSL to encrypt all data placed on the PROACTOnDemand servers. RCI servers are top of the line, Raid 5-Failsafe Redundancy, to ensure back up and delivery of the product.

“With PROACTOnDemand, we’re responding to the need for a low-cost-of-entry solution,” Latino says. “The expense of not analyzing opportunities to improve quality of care, patient safety and clinical or administrative operations is too high to calculate. RCI offers a reasonably priced model that is easy to use and can deliver rapid return on investment when in the hands of skilled analysts.”

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Founded in 1985, Reliability Center is a leading provider of software, training and consulting solutions that enable healthcare organizations to cost effectively identify patient safety and quality risks – and then eliminate them. RCI PROACT® Enterprise Risk Management software meets and exceeds The Joint Commission and other regulatory compliance requirements. PROACT helps healthcare organizations not only to discover what has gone wrong or what may go wrong, but why – and how to reduce or eliminate undesirable events in the future. PROACT ERM software is available in desktop, network or Web subscription (PROACTOnDemandsm) formats.


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