RAZCODE Connected Health Gateway Integrates with Dossia Personal Health Record Platform

Leading Personal Health Record provider adds revolutionary technology to ecosystem Platform in order to help users get better access to their personal health information

BALTIMORE, April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Razoron Health Innovations, a leading provider of products for the connected healthcare market, announces that it has successfully completed integration of its RAZCODE Connected Health Gateway with the Dossia Personal Health Record Platform, which is now available to members of the Dossia network. Razoron and Dossia are both working to help empower individuals with better access to and control over their health information.

Through the RAZCODE Gateway, EMR-equipped physician offices, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies can now offer patients easy and portable access to their health information after every healthcare encounter.

Providers simply deliver a RAZCODE Digital Health Token to consumers who use it to upload health information to their Dossia Personal Health Record.

The RAZCODE solution delivers a simple and private data access solution for healthcare consumers and an alternative health information exchange solution for healthcare software developers and medical device manufacturers.  

"We firmly believe that the key to consumer empowerment lies in the consumer's ability to have access to and complete control over their health information," said Bob Blonchek, president of Razoron Health Innovations.  "The RAZCODE platform represents a giant leap forward in the struggle to increase the quality of care and mitigate rising healthcare costs, by allowing the user to easily aggregate information into one conveniently managed location."

Dossia members who take advantage of the RAZCODE solution will be better able to arm their employees with tools to help them take control of their health and healthcare, and make more informed decisions with respect to their care.

"Dossia is pleased to be able to expand the range of online health management services connected to the Dossia Personal Health Record, and to offer the RAZCODE solution to Dossia members," said Steve Munini, Dossia COO. "Expansion of the Dossia Personal Health Record Platform ecosystem is one of our major priorities. We believe that the addition of the RAZCODE connected health service is a wonderful complement to the Dossia solution."

Dossia's infrastructure is made available to personal health application developers, such as Razoron, who have a shared commitment to furthering individuals' ability to access and have control over their health information. The infrastructure is designed to encourage vendor innovation for the benefit of patients and providers nationwide.

About Dossia

Dossia is a non-profit organization consisting of several large U.S. employers who have united under a common vision: to empower their employees to make smarter more informed decisions about their healthcare. Through Dossia, they will leverage their combined influence to break down barriers to health information, which will help drive consumer-initiated change.  The Dossia Founders group includes AT&T, Applied Materials, BP America, Cardinal Health, Intel, Pitney Bowes, sanofi-aventis, Abraxis Bioscience, Vanguard Health Services and Walmart. For more information, visit www.dossia.org.

About Razoron

Razoron Health Innovations is the creator of the RAZCODE, the Digital Health Token that helps liberate consumer health information. Razoron operates the RAZCODE Connected Health Platform is focused on creating products for the connected healthcare market. http://www.razoron.com

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