Raising alarms, study sees trials migrating abroad; Pneumonia vax cuts heart disease risk;

> The tricky job of setting warfarin dosage could soon be reduced to a gene test and a standard formula, the Associated Press reports. In a new study, scientists were able to devise a dosing formula for the blood thinner, based on a genetic test, the patient's age and weight, and other factors. FiercePharma

> According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, 13,521 of 24,206 trial sites being sponsored by the top 20 U.S. drug companies in late 2007 were taking place beyond our borders, where data can be harvested cheaper and faster than the data gathered inside the U.S. FierceBiotech

> A new study indicates that a pneumonia vaccine can significantly cut the risk of heart disease. The study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, concluded that the vaccine reduced the risk of heart attacks in the elderly by as much as 50 percent. FierceVaccines

And Finally... Forget bullet-proof vests. Article