Radiation proves to be scandal of the week for King-Harbor

You might be a bit sick of reading about the massive problems dogging Los Angeles-based Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital. But the hospital keeps producing news that may have a kernel of useful information in it, so here goes.

The scandal of the week at King-Harbor arises from charges the hospital has been mishandling radioactive materials. Officials found 18 violations of rules for monitoring and handling radioactive materials when they did an inspection. Their inspection arose when an adult diaper containing radioactive material was found in a garbage bin. (Not a pretty image, particularly if you had been in that diaper).

The hospital has been without a radiation safety officer for seven months, and tests for contamination haven't been performed for quite some time. In addition, some of its radiation alarms weren't set correctly, and the hospital hadn't kept proper records of how it disposed of radioactive waste.

To learn more about the latest problem at King-Harbor:
- read this Associated Press piece

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