Public option could make money for hospitals; Service offers online physician credential verification;

> Will hospitals benefit from the public option plan kicked around by some in Congress? One analysis says that it may make hospitals money at first, but will end up costing them big bucks if too many patients shift from private plans to the public one. FierceHealthFinance

> Here's an interesting (and smart) use of technology to improve patient safety: A group that protects health plans against organizational errors and omissions has launched an online provider credentials verification system, a step which could help some healthcare providers avoid sometimes massive lapses in the process. FierceHealthIT

> A new report suggests that remote monitoring of chronically-ill patients will become central to helping them keep control of their illness. FierceMobileHealthcare

> The military has not exactly won a reputation for, let us say, quick and efficient rollouts of health IT technology. The latest from the long health IT march seems to be new vendor contracts to support its AHLTA system, a huge EMR whose implementation has crawled for years. FierceEMR

And Finally... It's time to say goodbye to the world's oldest person. Article