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1. C. WILLIAM JONES, president of the ASSOCIATION OF BELLTEL RETIREES, a non- profit that represents more than 230,000 Verizon Communications retirees: "Our nation's seniors and baby boomer generation are witnessing the American dream disappear before their eyes as a result of our country's health-care debacle. Sadly, Washington's health-care reforms of late have forced more and more costs onto the backs of already financially overburdened older Americans. In this election, the candidate that pledges real fixes, and not mere pandering, will win older Americans' votes." News Contact: Saquana Graddick, [email protected] Phone: +1-212-685-4600, ext. 6985 (6/4/08)



1. CITIES: HOUSING AND TRANSPORTATION COSTS. JOHN NORQUIST, president of the CONGRESS FOR THE NEW URBANISM and former mayor of Milwaukee: "People who live in cities large and small save 30 percent or more on transportation costs. If you are thinking of moving, before you go buy a cheaper house in a far-out subdivision, consider looking for a house in town or in a central location. You'll be able to live the American dream -- and actually afford it." News Contact: Linda Stephen, [email protected] Phone: +1-402-483-0747 (6/4/08)

2. CRIME: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CRIMES HAVE INCREASED IN MARYLAND. CATHERINE "KATIE" O'MALLEY, first lady of Maryland: "As a judge and former prosecutor, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects of domestic violence. In Maryland, the number of reported domestic violence crimes has increased dramatically over the past four years and in 2006, 23 women and 11 children were killed as a result of domestic violence. One of the key steps in the fight against domestic violence is raising awareness." O'Malley can discuss how to make Maryland stronger and a safer place. News Contact: Christine Hansen, [email protected] Phone: +1-410-974-2316 (6/4/08)

3. FAMILY LAW: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND CHILD ABUSE IN POLYGAMOUS COMMUNITIES. BELINDA RACHMAN, Esq., family law attorney and peaceful divorce expert with DIVORCE IN A DAY MEDIATION: "In 2006, the attorneys general of Utah and Arizona released a joint report called, 'The Primer -- Helping Victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in Polygamous Communities,' that outlines everything that is going on inside these compounds. As a family law attorney, I represented a runaway wife who told me the 'biblical' justification these groups use for incest and murder, and no one in the media has breathed a word about blood atonement or the Adam-God Doctrine. This story is being spun as a religious freedom issue, instead of a child protection issue, and minors' counsel is fighting to return these children to the very people who will kick out most of the boys at 14 or 15 so they can marry off the little girls to the church elders." Web site: (6/4/08)

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