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Oct. 22, 2010


Bullying (continued, 1 expert)


1. Behavior: Difficulties of Children with Mental or Physical Disabilities Must Be Understood

2. Health: Potential FDA Changes Are Long Overdue

3. Health: 'Text Neck' is Common and Difficult to Treat, but Self-Massage Helps

4. Health: The HGH Market Successfully Commercializes Biosimilars

5. Photography: Gobble up Thanksgiving Memories Through Better Photography.

6. Religion: Merit Does Not Determine Creation of Cardinals



Following is an additional expert who can discuss various aspects of bullying and cyberbullying. You can also find additional experts who can speak about this topic by visiting our forum about bullying on our new social networking site, ProfNet Connect:  To view the original Topic Alert, which featured more than 60 experts, see:

**1. Jim Thompson, executive director and founder of Positive Coaching Alliance: "As youth-sports mentors, we are frustrated by the epidemic of bullying we see in the news. As parents and coaches, we should aim to help youth athletes realize their potential to be a positive force for change, throughout the 2010-11 school year. Parents and coaches need to speak with athletes about current stories in the news as 'teachable' moments, while also helping young athletes understand that their status as role models among school peers can act as a catalyst to curb bullying." Thompson, located in Mountain View, Calif., can discuss the Responsible Sports program and how it encourages parents and coaches to discuss the topic of bullying with youth athletes and the ways athletes can use their encouraging influence to act as positive-change agents among their peers. He can also offer guidelines for appropriate player behaviors that coaches and parents need to take seriously. News Contact: T.K. Hall, [email protected] Phone: +1-617-520-7285


**1. BEHAVIOR: DIFFICULTIES OF CHILDREN WITH MENTAL OR PHYSICAL DISABILITIES MUST BE UNDERSTOOD. Karen Lowry, RN, author based in Medford, N.J., and Parent2Parent family trainer for ADHD with the organization Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, can discuss why parents need to be more involved with teachers and administrators in order to facilitate their child's social and academic success: "The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 serves to prevent discrimination as a result of a mental or physical disability. It basically levels the playing field for children who have any difficulties that could affect their success in school. The problem here is that you need to know the areas of difficulties in order to put accommodations in place. It was truly a Band-Aid and not an effective intervention, due to the lack of a diagnosis." News Contact: Jackie O'Neal, [email protected] Phone: +1-609-334-8621 Website:

**2. HEALTH: POTENTIAL FDA CHANGES ARE LONG OVERDUE. Richard Meadow, managing attorney of The Lanier Law Firm's New York office and leader of the firm's pharmaceutical litigation practice area: "Around the time that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unveiled its plans to improve regulatory efforts, Abbott Laboratories announced that it is pulling the diet drug Meridia. While the two aren't directly connected, it is hard to miss the correlation. The FDA is supposed to protect the public from faulty drugs and medical devices, so any influx of money and manpower is welcome. In 2011, the FDA plans to use $25 million to improve regulatory science, partnering with researchers and industry groups to help spot problems before they occur. It will be a great day when the FDA can keep all dangerous drugs off store shelves." News Contact: Alan Bentrup, [email protected] Phone: +1-800-559-4534

**3. HEALTH: 'TEXT NECK' IS COMMON AND DIFFICULT TO TREAT, BUT SELF-MASSAGE HELPS. Judith Bourgeois is an Ayurvedic expert and Shankara Skincare spokesperson who can discuss how to relieve what one chiropractor calls "text neck," which is intensified by improper posture while using mobile devices, laptops and other electronic gadgets: "According to the University of Pennsylvania Spine and Research Lab, neck pain comprises 30 percent of all chronic-pain syndromes. Regardless of the equipment you are using, when there is restriction of motion or less flexibility, the neck is more prone to injury. It can be challenging to get to a doctor to relieve pain that arises from poor posture, muscle strains, stress or other causes." Bourgeois, who is located in Uvalde, Texas, has created a short video to teach the public to tackle neck and shoulder pain naturally through self-massage. She is available to discuss/demonstrate the best techniques for a self-neck massage, target points that relieve specific ailments rooted in the neck and shoulder area, and other topics. News Contact: Jade Calder, [email protected] Phone: +1-310-479-0217 Website:

**4. HEALTH: THE HGH MARKET SUCCESSFULLY COMMERCIALIZES BIOSIMILARS. Dr. Paul Wotton, CEO of Antares Pharma (AMEX: AIS): "A biosimilar model already exists in the U.S.: the model for human growth hormones. Although for historical reasons HGH falls under the drug category rather than the biologic category, it is a billion-dollar market that is dominated by large players, and you don't see any true generic players in the marketplace like you would for a small molecule. HGH drugs are differentiated by delivery method. Teva increased prescriptions of their drug for human growth hormone by 55 percent since launching a new version of their HGH product by employing a needle-free injector. Technology for patient self-injection will be a critical market differentiator for companies looking to introduce biosimilars." Wotton is located in Ewing, N.J. News Contact: Tamara L. Bright, [email protected] Phone: +1-212-827-0020

**5. PHOTOGRAPHY: GOBBLE UP THANKSGIVING MEMORIES THROUGH BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY. Tamara Lackey, acclaimed lifestyle and children's photographer, and creator of the DVD and book, "Capturing Life through (Better) Photography," provides easy tips and tricks to make Thanksgiving memories last a lifetime -- in photos, that is: "Thanksgiving Day photos should capture a lot more than the family sitting around the table. Start with the meal preparation itself -- from peeling the potatoes to stuffing the turkey, the kitchen is the hub of great activity. Watch for candid moments that you can capture from afar -- use your zoom to catch your family in conversation or playing with children or pets. Most photos can convey a story when the subject is caught mid-sentence and not posed. Finally, be sure to capture the main activity: the meal. Try your hand at food photography and take photos of the individual dishes and the plates piled high with food." Contact Lackey for additional pointers on how to best capture holiday memories. Lackey: [email protected] Phone: +1-619-234-0345

**6. RELIGION: MERIT DOES NOT DETERMINE CREATION OF CARDINALS. Dr. Michael Higgins, Catholic scholar, expert on Vatican affairs, educator and author, can discuss the recent naming of two Americans among the 24 new cardinals selected by Pope Benedict XVI: "It is often thought that consitories -- the creating of cardinals -- is an exercise in acknowledging merit. Rarely is it so. Other factors dominate, and the results can be determinative for decades." Higgins is located in Fairfield, Conn., and leads initiatives that preserve, promote and integrate Catholic mission, vision and values in higher education. He is a columnist, radio-documentary maker, television commentator on Vatican affairs and regular contributor to Commonweal magazine. The former president of two Catholic colleges, he is currently the vice president for Mission and Catholic Identity at Sacred Heart University. News Contact: Funda Alp, [email protected] Phone: +1-203-685-6691

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