Press Ganey Only Company to Integrate Most Recent HCAHPS, Core Measures Data to Provide Near Real-Time Picture of VBP Score

SOUTH BEND, Ind., Jan. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Press Ganey Value-Based Purchasing Calculator has been updated to integrate hospitals' most recent nine months of complete HCAHPS and core measures performance data from Press Ganey databases, enabling hospitals to have a near real-time estimate of their value-based purchasing (VBP) score. The calculator is a solution which helps hospitals understand how much they have at risk, as well as how to target the areas for improvement that are most likely to optimize VBP incentive payments.

"With the VBP performance period underway, it is critical for hospitals to have real-time performance information on the measures that may contribute to a decrease in Medicare payment," said Robert Draughon, Press Ganey's CEO. "Press Ganey is the only company that can provide clients with timely, accurate HCAHPS and core measures data, giving them what they need to properly prioritize their improvement opportunities, improve their VBP scores and optimize their Medicare DRG payments."

Press Ganey's Value-Based Purchasing Calculator is updated monthly with clients' most recent, complete data from Press Ganey's proprietary databases – data that are a full year more recent than publicly available data. This means that hospitals that work with Press Ganey to meet HCAHPS or core measures reporting requirements can now calculate their VBP scores based on 2011 data.

The latest release of the Value-Based Purchasing Calculator also features the ability to toggle between current Press Ganey data and public data to see progress, as well as the option to define custom performance periods to model specific performance scenarios.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' value-based purchasing program will impact Medicare payments for general, acute-care hospitals beginning with Oct. 1, 2012 discharges. The baseline assessment year for all hospitals subject to VBP is FY2012, which began October 1, 2011. For further information on Press Ganey's Value-Based Purchasing Calculator solution and VBP-related resources, visit:

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