President of Steward hospital disputes his 'resignation'

The departure of Carney Hospital's president may not have been voluntary, as Steward Health Care System claimed, The Boston Globe reported. Bill Walczak, the former president of the Dorchester, Mass., hospital, last week abruptly left his post after 14 months on the job. In a company memo Friday, Steward Chief Operating Officer Josh Putter told the board, medical staff and employees that "Bill Walczak and Steward have decided to part ways.'' Steward spokesman Chris Murphy also told the Globe that Walczak had resigned and also said, "The decision for Bill to leave Carney was a mutual one.''

However, Walczak told the newspaper he took issue with Steward for asserting the hospital president had quit. Walczak said Wednesday, "I did not resign from the Carney Hospital.''

Carney Hospital is the only Steward hospital out of its network of 10 hospitals in the state that is losing primary care doctors. Under Walczak's tenure, the hospital operating deficit ballooned to $20 million in 2011, the article noted. Article