The pluses and minuses of health IT mandates; Researchers slam diabetes drug class;

> Health IT mandates may make legislators feel good, but are they really a good idea? FierceHealthIT

> In the hardest-hitting assessment of diabetes meds this year, two Wake Forest University researchers say regulators should restrict use of the glitazone class of drugs--which includes the long-suffering Avandia. FiercePharma

> The risk of stroke among patients taking antipsychotics may be more widespread than we thought. British researchers are saying that the risk accompanies all antipsychotics--not just the newer "atypicals" like Abilify and Zyprexa, as once thought. FiercePharma

> In the near future, it should become increasingly common for patients to collect personal healthcare data such as glucose levels or blood pressure readings with a specialized device--then shunt it easily to a server or website. FierceHealthIT

And Finally... The new trend in drug marketing isn't drug marketing at all. Article