Pioneer(R) Surgical Technology to Unveil Clinical Results and Scientific Findings of NuBac(TM) Disc Arthroplasty at SAS 2008

DRIEBERGEN, Netherlands, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Pioneer Surgical Technology's European subsidiary will present the latest clinical results of its NuBac Disc Arthroplasty System at the Spine Arthroplasty Society (SAS) meeting in Miami (Florida, US). The presence of Pioneer at SAS includes the introduction of its signature P3 (Pioneer Peek-on-Peek) Technology. The NuBac is the flagship of this innovative platform of motion preserving spinal implants.

A poster and oral presentation will present new clinical data that show the NuBac is a viable alternative to fusion and total disc replacement surgery. The NuBac can be implanted with 3 surgical approaches (Antero- lateral, lateral and posterior) and is designed to be less invasive and less bridge-burning than fusion and total disc replacement.

A separate oral presentation will provide significant findings that wear properties of PEEK-on-PEEK (Poly-ether-ether-ketone), in the form of NuBac, are not susceptible to wear parameters known to significantly increase the wear rates of polyethylene. The study enhances support for the long term durability of Pioneer's signature PEEK-on-PEEK design of disc arthroplasty devices. "Articulating PEEK-on-PEEK(TM) technology in the NuBac motion preservation device provides for the long term durability these types of devices require," according to Dr. Lex Giltaij, VP Europe & Business Development. Giltaij adds, "Motion preservation devices are being increasingly indicated for younger patient populations and should last a lifetime."

Back pain impacts millions of people worldwide. Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is believed to be the main cause of low back pain. Until now, patients who suffered from DDD had limited alternatives to total disc replacement / arthroplasty (TDR / TDA) or spinal fusion surgery. Although these procedures relieve pain, side effects such as surgery related complications, invasiveness and revision risk have resulted in the need for more non-fusion technologies. Pioneer continues to advance the P3 technology platform to provide surgeons with innovative, state of the art solutions to address the needs of their patients.

About Pioneer Surgical Technology, BV

Pioneer Surgical Technology's European subsidiary was established in the Netherlands in August 2006 following the introduction of NuBac(TM) in Europe. Pioneer BV carries a full range of Pioneer's spine products and works with distributors in several countries in Europe including Italy, Switzerland and the Benelux. Pioneer is establishing its own sales team in Germany.

About Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.

Pioneer Surgical Technology, headquartered in Marquette, Michigan, is a dynamic medical device firm with a full line of cutting-edge motion preservation devices either available commercially in Europe or under clinical evaluation in the U.S. Pioneer's signature articulating PEEK-on-PEEK technology, in its NuBac(TM) and cervical motion preservation series, is the most technologically advanced design in the industry. In addition, Pioneer's comprehensive portfolio of vertebral spacers, cervical plating systems, and MIS and Mini-Open Rod systems include familiar trade names such as Contact(TM), IJAK(R), Clarity(TM), SlimFuse(TM), and Quantum(R).

Pioneer entered the orthobiologics market with two acquisitions in 2007. Encelle(TM), Inc., developed E-Matrix(TM) for tissue regeneration. Angstrom(TM) Medica, Inc. is the first company to obtain FDA approval for a nanotechnology device - NanOss(TM) - a hydroxyapatite bone void filler.

Pioneer's three divisions ... Orthopedic, Spinal and Biologic ... all work to produce state of the art, cost-effective solutions for surgical procedures that have proven difficult or problematic for both surgeons and patients.

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