Physician Owned Hospitals React to the Passage of Healthcare Reform

WASHINGTON, March 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The passage of the healthcare reform bill will have a devastating impact on physician owned hospitals, the patients they treat and the communities they serve.

According to Molly Sandvig, Executive Director of Physician Hospitals of America (PHA), the legislation virtually destroys over 60 hospitals that are currently under development, and leaves little room for the future growth of the industry.

For months PHA, the American Medical Association (AMA) and other medical and health care experts have warned Congress that a provision slipped into the legislation would have devastating, unintended consequences.

Ms. Sandvig states, "In total, over 25,000 jobs are at risk in 37 states. Billions of dollars already invested in hospitals stand to be lost.  And, rural and inner city hospitals being rescued and kept open by physician investment will now close."

"Patients across the country should be outraged that at a time the government is supposedly attempting to increase access to care, it has chosen to stop the growth of many of the best hospitals in the country," Sandvig adds. "The American people need more access, not less. We need high quality, efficient, patient-centered care, not more of the same high cost, inefficient, bureaucratic-minded care. The impact of the healthcare reform bill on physician owned hospitals is truly illogical and unfortunate."

Physician Hospitals of America (PHA) is continuing to work with both Senate and House supporters.  Committed champions in both parties have told PHA that they will explore all other legislative and regulatory options to mitigate the harm caused by the current language.

In addition, PHA will pursue all options available to challenge the legislation, says Sandvig. "We want to ensure that physician owned hospitals and the quality care they provide remain a positive and available choice for patients."

Physician Hospitals of America (PHA) is the national organization representing more than 220 hospitals owned and operated by reform-minded physicians themselves.

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