Physician-led joint venture aims to reinvest population health management savings

A new physician-led joint venture created by CHE Trinity and Ascension Health aims to not only improve care coordination across markets and prepare the healthcare systems for transitions currently happening in the market, but also will reinvest the savings from population health management back into the healthcare delivery system.

"We hope that by working together on some of the new capabilities that we'll be able to make some of the administrative costs lower," CHE Trinity Health President and CEO Richard Gilfillan, M.D., told Hospitals & Health Networks Daily in a video interview, "but we think the most important opportunity is actually coordinating care across our respective networks and making sure that we are doing that effectively and delivering great care to a patient regardless of whose emergency room they show up in."

In healthcare's drastically changing environment, it will take a "level of sophistication" to accomplish those goals and transition to population health management, Gilfillan said. 

Although improved care coordination and better measures of patient satisfaction have "always been the right thing to do," he said, "the reality is we're facing a world right now where number one, people are demanding it, and number two, there are models evolving that support the provision of those services."

"It's important for communities to benefit by having lower costs," he said, "but it's also important that some of those be put back into the system."

Healthcare executives can also take a leadership role in population health management by prioritizing risk analysis, according to Steven C. Linn, M.D., CMO & vice president of academic affairs for Inspira Health Network, a New Jersey-based charitable nonprofit organization, FierceHealthcare previously reported.

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