Pharma gift disclosure law wins Eli Lilly support

While its peers appear to be firmly opposed to such rules, pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly has decided to support federal legislation that would require drugmakers to disclose payments to doctors. Although such initiatives have floundered in the past, Lilly's support may give the new law--which would go into effect beginning March 31, 2011--a better shot at passing.

Lilly got on board with The Physician Payments Sunshine Act, as the measure is known, when legislators agreed to raise the minimum reportable payment from $25 to $500, and extended the legislation to apply to all drug and medical devicemakers rather than only those with more than $100 million in annual revenue.

Another factor that swayed Lilly is that the federal law would pre-empt similar laws currently in affect in a few states. Lilly president John Lechleiter has said that such pre-emption was important, as it would help companies like his by establishing one uniform reporting standard.

To learn more about the bill, and Lilly's position:
- read this Associated Press piece
- read Lilly's statement on the subject

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