Pharma, device layoffs to streamline operations; HCA struggles with debt payments

> Pharma and devicemakers have been announcing layoffs for weeks now, but don't assume it's because they're on the skids financially. Actually, many are doing fine, but hope to streamline ops so they'll stay that way. FierceHealthFinance

> Still mired in debt from the leveraged buyout that took it private, HCA is now taking a new, potentially risky approach to handling debt payments--paying its bills with more debt. FierceHealthFinance

> Sanofi-Aventis is shedding up to 650 sales reps in the U.S., having already cut 800 in Europe. FiercePharma

> A new therapy appears to be able to reset a person's circadian rhythm, offering a highly promising option for treatment of sleep problems. FierceBioResearcher

And Finally... Can the interest-free microloan model make a dent in the medical expenses faced by parents of sick children? This organization hopes the answer is "Yes." Site