Pennsylvania to audit enforcement of overtime law; New York nurses rally for staffing levels;

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> The politicization of healthcare adversely affects patients, argues an opinion piece in the Kansas City Star. Opinion piece

> Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale will audit the state's enforcement of a law banning excessive mandatory overtime for healthcare workers, according to Citizen's Voice. Article

> Members of the New York State Nurses Association rallied outside the offices of the Greater New York Hospital Association this week in support of higher staffing levels at hospitals, according to the Associated Press. Article

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>  Hospital prices barely budged over the past year, along with most patients' ability to see what acute care facilities charge for procedures. Article

> About 13 percent of the costs incurred by hospitals are attributed to the practice of defensive medicine--tests and treatments that aren't medically necessary but ordered to prevent lawsuits,according to a new study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. Article

And Finally… What's up with those buns? Article