Outbound medical tourism volume falling quickly; Humana criticized after 65 percent profit for Q3;

> A new report suggests that since 2007, outbound medical tourism from the U.S. has slowed, dropping 20 percent in 2008 and a projected 10 percent more this year. Article

> Humana is taking on the chin after posting a 65 percent increase in profits for its third quarter of 2009. Some legislators are grumbling that such profits demonstrate why the health insurance industry must be reined in. FierceHealthFinance

> Connecticut's attorney general is charging that flu vaccine makers may have engaged in price-gouging, demanding higher prices for seasonal shots even in the face of existing price agreements. FiercePharma

> NIH has issued $27 million in grants supporting the development of social media networks for biomedical researchers. The University of Florida and Harvard University Medical School have already qualified for funding. FierceBiotechResearch

And Finally... Couldn't this guy have just convinced his doctor to give him a note? Article