OR team collaboration improves quality

Hospital operating room (OR) teams can cut costs and improve quality by examining problems from every possible perspective, according to a report in the AORN Journal.

The OR team--made of up surgeons, anesthesia professionals, RNs, surgical technologists--has different backgrounds and concerns, yet, they must work together to deliver high-quality care.

For example, such collaboration could lead to a rational, standardized approach to scheduling, which would decrease potential errors, increase efficiency, and elevate the level of preparedness in the OR, according to the report.

The report recommends nurses take a leadership role in quality improvement projects in the OR. By ensuring safe care and promoting wellness and prevention, they can improve outcomes and hospital finances.

The report highlights the need to focus on OR quality improvements, as perioperative care ensures patient safety before, during, and after surgery, and largely influences the hospital's reputation.

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