Ohio health systems create purchasing organization to lower supply costs; Dependent young adults cost extra $2M, research shows;

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> Four Ohio health systems announced Wednesday they have teamed up to create a purchasing organization to drive down supply costs and improve efficiency. Announcement

> Hospital and outpatient settings both face growing problems with antibiotic resistance, concluded researchers from Oregon State University, Oregon Health and Science University, and Kaiser Permanente Northwest. Selecting the best antibiotics for patients better protects their health, as well as avoids unnecessary drug use. Statement

> Following the JAMA study finding that hospitals profit from post-surgical complications, the American Hospital Association clarified that that while insures may pay more to cover patients who have experienced complications, the hospital's cost of caring for the patient is higher, according to AHA News Now. News Brief

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> The reform law's provision allowing young adults to remain on their parents' health plans until they're 26 years old is costing insurers as these new members use more medical services than their peers and incur high healthcare costs, new research shows. Article

> In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday that left three people dead and more than 100 people injured, Aetna and Cigna quickly reached out to the terrorized community to offer support and services. Article

And Finally… What's the price of fame and fortune? A shorter life expectancy. Announcement