OCHIN, Inc. Hires Glenn Kulm, Seasoned Healthcare Management Professional to the Position of Vice President, OCHIN Central Orego

PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, OCHIN announced that Glenn Kulm is leading their Bend, Oregon operation as Vice President, Central Oregon Operations. Kulm is responsible for directing and supporting the Bend staff in sales, service and support of OCHIN products and services in addition to helping medical providers and clinics to achieve the federal EHR Meaningful Use requirements.

Mr. Kulm has more than 25 years experience in healthcare management, most recently as the Deputy Director of the Santa Cruz County (California) Health Services Agency for 11 years. In this position he was responsible for clinical, administrative and finance activities for a multifaceted $130M physical and behavioral health organization. He previously served for 7 years as the Assistant Director, then Director of Mental Health Services in that organization. Prior to his tenure with Santa Cruz, he was the Fiscal Operations Manager for the County of Riverside, California.  He joined OCHIN's board of directors in 2003 and later served as a member of the executive committee of OCHIN. He recently resigned from the OCHIN Board of Directors to join the organization as an employee. Mr. Kulm will report to Abby Sears, OCHIN's CEO.

Abby Sears, OCHIN's CEO said, "Glenn's years of healthcare experience and his clear understanding of our business model and vision is an asset to our organization."  Mr. Kulm will be establishing residency in Bend ASAP and stated, "I am looking forward to becoming an integral part of the Bend community. I am so impressed with our Bend office staff and the great people that I've met so far."

About OCHIN:

OCHIN is a national non-profit collaborative headquartered in Portland, Oregon that provides integrated HIT software products and services to community health clinics, mental health services and small practices serving the medically underserved. In 2010 OCHIN won a competitive federal grant to start Oregon's Health Information Technology Extension Center (O-HITEC) a division of OCHIN that provides education, outreach, and assistance to facilitate successful implementation, and meaningful use of certified electronic health records. OCHIN/O-HITEC strives to transform healthcare, improve quality and deliver value through effective use of information technology. For more information please visit www.ochin.org and www.o-hitec.org

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