Obese patients have greater chance of sepsis survival; Study finds natural light benefits nurse work environment;

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> Despite the health risks of obesity, overweight patients have a greater chance of surviving severe cases of sepsis, according to a new study in Critical Care Medicine. Study abstract

> The Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to grow with an additional 108 cases documented over the weekend, according to ABC News. Article

> A study in the Health Environments Research & Design Journal finds that nurses who work in natural light have lower blood pressure, are in better moods when they serve patients and show other signs of improved well-being over nurses who work in artificially lit surroundings with fewer windows. Study abstract

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> In further evidence that insurers should build and promote wellness programs to their large market groups, 78 percent of companies throughout the world are strongly committed to creating a workplace culture focused on health, according to a new survey conducted by Buck Consultants Article

> The future of healthcare marketplaces in U.S. territories remains murky after the Department of Health and Human Services granted them exemptions last month to key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, California Healthline reported. Article

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> Kickbacks aren't the only way to draw people into fraud schemes: From overstuffed chests to overstuffed seating, criminals use gifts and incentives to reel in a steady stream of insured customers. Article

And Finally… Well that's one way to get noticed. Article