NYC cites city hospital that let patient die

A year ago, staff at a public hospital in New York city ignored a patient waiting for psychiatric care as she fell to the floor and lay there until she died. The facility, Kings County Hospital, admitted culpability and settled a lawsuit brought by Esmin Green's family for $2 million.

Now, the city's Department of Investigation has come forward with the results of its own review. The report cited a "systematic failure" to care for Ms. Green, whose death on the floor, unattended, was captured by a security camera. What's more, it concluded that patients at the hospital weren't being treated for suicidal behavior, were routinely given drugs and restrained to keep them under control, and were at times abused by other patients.

Since Ms. Green's death, the leadership, staffing, training and policies at Kings County have been transformed, city officials say. Still, Ms. Green's family would still like a criminal investigation conducted of staffers who might be culpable in her death.

To learn more about this controversy:
- read this piece from The New York Times 

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