NY hospitals given closure money

In coming times, 23 New York hospitals and seven nursing homes are due to close or be merged as part of a large-scale restructuring of the state's healthcare industry. The restructuring, which isn't voluntary, flows out of the recommendations of a state panel empowered by law to demand these moves.

Now, at least, the hospitals and homes affected will get some cash for their trouble. The state has agreed to give them a total of $360 million to cover legal costs associated with the closings, as well as pay off existing debt. The state will also pass out an additional $190 million which draws on both its own funds and federal dollars. New York officials are also expected to distribute more money still to help other remaining facilities cope with the loss of services and capacity in their regions.

When complete, these closings should cut the total number of hospital beds in the state by 7 percent, while increasing revenue at surviving institutions by $720 million a year, according to projects by health planners.

To get more information on the closures:
- read this article from The New York Times

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