NY faces diabetes epidemic

Diabetes has reached "epidemic" proportions in New York, health officials said. The New York Times examines the toll of the disease and New York City's efforts to deal with it in a Sunday special. One-in-eight New Yorkers has the disease, which has emerged as a leading killer in the city, particularly in minority and low-income neighborhoods. Officials fear that demographic changes over the next decade will lead to an explosion of new cases that could overwhelm the city's healthcare system and cost local employers millions. New York City Department of Health Chairman Dr. Thomas Frieden said, "Either we fall apart or we stop this."

- see this article from The New York Times

Talking Points: FierceHealthcare readers know something that this article doesn't touch on, namely that Frieden plans an ambitious monitoring and reporting program that will require data on tests for those with diabetes to be forwarded to the health department.