NutraCea and Raising Malawi Expand Humanitarian Collaboration for Orphans in Cambodia

PHOENIX, April 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NutraCea (OTC Bulletin Board: NTRZ) and Raising Malawi, a humanitarian aid project co- founded by Madonna and Michael Berg, will expand their humanitarian feeding program into Cambodia. Malnourished children from two Khemer Foundation orphanages located in Sre Ampil and Battambong, Cambodia will receive RiSolubles daily for one year.

"We will be providing NutraCea's nutrient rich RiSolubles, made from stabilized rice bran, to orphans residing in Peaceful Villages #1 and #2 for a period of one year," said Margie Adelman, Senior Vice President of NutraCea. "Throughout the year, we will track the progress of the children to demonstrate the positive impact expected from the RiSolubles intense nourishment program on the malnourished orphans," stated Adelman.

"We are highly encouraged by the results we have seen over the past year with children consuming RiSolubles at Consol Homes, an orphan care center that feeds many hundreds of malnourished children a day and is located just outside of Lilongwe," said Philippe van den Bossche, Executive Director of Raising Malawi. "While we are still very active in Malawi, our organization is reaching out to other parts of the world that are experiencing human suffering and with the help of NutraCea, we are able to bring some much needed nourishment to these orphans in Cambodia, an area that is in dire need of humanitarian relief," added van den Bossche.

Adelman continued, "This program with Raising Malawi is part of a larger initiative focused on collecting pertinent data from feeding programs in multiple countries to demonstrate the value of our products in dealing with the world hunger crisis. We're also engaged in discussions with governments of rice-producing countries to find sustainable ways to benefit their local economies, and convert an underutilized food source into millions of servings a day of a nutritious food that can combat the causes of malnutrition through the proprietary technology that NutraCea has developed."

About Raising Malawi

Since 2006, Raising Malawi has been dedicated to bringing an end to the extreme poverty and hardship endured by Malawi's one million orphans. Co- founded by Madonna and Michael Berg, Raising Malawi uses a community-based approach to provide immediate direct physical assistance, support long-term sustainability, create educational and psycho-social programs, and build public awareness for the plight of Malawi's vulnerable children through multimedia and worldwide volunteer initiatives.

About NutraCea

NutraCea is a world leader in production and utilization of stabilized rice bran. They hold many patents for stabilized rice bran production technology and proprietary neutraceutical formulas ranging from arthritis, chronic bowel conditions, and effective diabetes control to cardiovascular disease treatment protocols. NutraCea's proprietary technology enables the creation of food and nutrition products to be unlocked from rice bran, normally a waste by-product of standard rice processing. Committed to helping the under fed, they're heavily involved in providing product and technology for developing countries through NutraCea's RiceAde feeding program. More information can be found in the Company's filings with the SEC and you can visit the NutraCea web site

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