NorthStar Anesthesia Adapts Service Model to Help Hospitals Meet Demands of ACA

Enhancements Help Hospitals Operate Profitably on a Lower Cost Basis

NorthStar Anesthesia Adapts Service Model to Help Hospitals Meet Demands of ACA

NorthStar AnesthesiaDiann Litsch, 1.888.861.3994Sales and Marketing Dir.

, a national anesthesia management company known for its ability to adapt anesthesia services to meet the changing needs of hospitals, is announcing several enhancements designed to help clients compete in the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent ACA decision.

“The new healthcare reality is that hospitals have to do more with less,” says NorthStar Anesthesia CEO, Dr. Philip Eichenholz. “As anesthesia is the lynch pin of the OR which drives the majority of hospital revenue, NorthStar considers it our responsibility to respond with anesthesia service solutions that will help our clients operate profitably on a lower cost basis.”

“Hospitals are under incredible pressure to improve clinical and financial results,” adds Neil Neal, CRNA, NorthStar President. “Our service enhancements are designed to close the revenue gap which will open as a result of ACA.”

Aligning Interests: Pay for performance goals related to quality, efficiency, service and cost must be set or modified with ACA in mind. Many groups will ask for a bonus to reach these goals, but NorthStar considers it a service expectation.

Adding Leadership: NorthStar tracks 22 performance metrics on every case through its proprietary anesthesia EMR. Three additional regional leaders will work with hospital leadership and NorthStar providers to utilize this data to increase volume and improve quality.

Controlling Costs: NorthStar’s financial dashboard gives hospital administrators a real-time look at anesthesia costs and revenues collected. This open book model allows hospital clients to make better informed clinical and financial decisions.

With 46 hospital clients in 6 states, Arlington, TX based NorthStar is the fastest growing anesthesia management company in the country. The company added 14 new facility partners in 2011 and is on track to exceed that pace in 2012. Our performance-driven approach combines quality anesthesia care with the efficiency and accountability that hospitals require. NorthStar was founded in 2004 by an Anesthesiologist and a CRNA who believe today’s anesthesia model is broken, and we’re here to fix it. Let us open your eyes to a new anesthesia approach.

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