North Pointe Surgery Center Saves More Than $250,000 a Year Using Pre-Admission System One Medical Passport

<0> Eliminates Lengthy Pre-Admission Calls, Surgical Delays and Cancellations </0>

North Pointe Surgery Center Saves More Than $250,000 a Year Using Pre-Admission System One Medical Passport

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North Pointe Surgery Center (NPSC) reports it has successfully taken its pre-admission process online with . Within one year of deploying One Medical Passport, NPSC estimates saving more than $250,000 a year in staff-related costs, printing and postage. With more complete and accurate information gathered well in advance of a patient’s procedure, delays and cancellations are avoided, providing additional cost savings.

“Like most medical facilities, we are continually looking for new ways to streamline processes and control costs. The benefits achieved using the One Medical Passport system have far exceeded our expectations,” said Melissa Weik, administrator at North Pointe Surgery Center. “In addition to the cost savings, histories are more complete and day-of-surgery surprises are avoided. The system is extremely easy for patients and staff to use and highly secure.”

Prior to bringing their pre-admission process online with One Medical Passport, NPSC relied on a staff of pre-anesthesia nurses to conduct pre-admission evaluations. Significant time was spent playing phone tag with patients who were often at work and unavailable during initial calls. The process was inefficient, time-consuming and often resulted in surgical delays and cancellations due to day-of surgery surprises.

Since deploying One Medical Passport, the pre-admission process is much more streamlined. Feedback from patients has been very positive as they appreciate having the ability to fill in histories at a time and place that is convenient for them. For repeat patients, the ability to quickly log back into previously created Medical Passports, rather than having to recreate a history each time they visit the facility, is a big plus.

Using One Medical Passport, patient information is now easily accessed by all NPSC staff. With greater access to information, the surgical process is more efficient and streamlined.

is the convenient and secure online solution that streamlines and simplifies the pre-admission process for staff, physicians, and patients. Adopted by over 500 ASCs and hospitals who see the advantages information systems offer over pen, paper, calls, and faxes, One Medical Passport is easy to use and deploy, improves productivity, and offers proven cost savings.

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, North Pointe Surgery Center (NPSC) is an outpatient facility designed to provide patients with a safe, convenient alternative to hospital stays. Since opening in 2007, NPSC exclusively provides ambulatory orthopedic surgical services and pain management services to patients of Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, Ltd.

NPSC has proudly earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for patient care and health standard.