No link between provider gender, patient healthcare use; Technology is a healing supplement, not a solution;

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> With physicians at increased risk for high stress levels and burnout, they're also more likely to suffer heart disease, according to a study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine that found a link between the two. Abstract

> Researchers from the University of California Davis Health System found that provider gender does not affect patients' healthcare utilization or mortality, according to a study in The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. Abstract

> The American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living is welcoming a bill that would count hospital observation stays toward the three-day requirement for coverage of skilled nursing facility care under Medicare, the group announced Wednesday. Statement

> Excess mortality among Americans younger than 50 is largely responsible for the fact that U.S. life expectancy is lower than in most of the world's most developed nations, concludes a study in this month's Health Affairs. Announcement

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> Technology is a healing supplement, not a solution, notes Thomas H. Dahlborg, vice president for strategy and project director for the National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality. Blog Post

> According to a data brief on electronic health record adoption, 44.4 percent of acute-care hospitals implemented a "basic" system, more than tripling adoption rates from 2009 (12.2 percent). Article

> Why hospitals should add Pinterest to their social media toolbox. Blog Post

And Finally… And the crown goes to … gouda! Article