NJ nurse reused flu-shot syringes; Cleaning hospitals with UV rays reduces superbug risk;

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> A New Jersey nurse reused syringes while administering flu shots to a pharmaceutical company's employees, according to the state department of health, the StarTribune reports. Article

> Women neglect potentially life-saving preventive care when women's health facilities are closed due to funding cuts, according to new research from the University of Kansas. Research announcement

> Chemical and UV ray cleanings reduce drug-resistant superbug transmission in hospital rooms, according to new research from Duke University. Study announcement

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> Many seniors switch from Medicare Advantage plans to traditional Medicare when they become seriously ill, which raises questions about how well MA plans can serve this population of high-cost patients, according to a new Health Affairs study. Article

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> The National Institute of Standards and Technology seeks collaborators on two projects to address email security concerns in healthcare and other industries. Article

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