Nick Jacobs - 10 Healthcare Bloggers We're Thankful For

Who: Nick Jacobs

Blog: Healing Hospitals

About the blogger: F. Nicholas Jacobs is the international director for SunStone Consulting, LLC. He previously served as president of Windber (Pa.) Medical Center and the Windber Research Institute. He is the author of "Taking the Hell out of Healthcare".

What makes this blog so fierce? Besides being one of the most irradiated bloggers (see his July 14 post), Jacobs is not afraid to call on business-minded healthcare organizations to humanize the healthcare experience by focusing on employees, staff and patients.

Focus: Jacobs ranges widely. Among topics he covers: hospital administration, medical errors and big picture health reform topics. One question he is always ready to tackle: Why are hospitals the way they are?

Quote: "If you are in hospital administration and have little or no competition, ask yourself what would happen if your new competition allowed the patients to access their medical records; if loved ones were invited to stay and become part of care giving teams; if there was 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week visiting hours...Hopefully, someday, the masses will get it, and we will go from treating "organs" to treating people; we will focus on prevention not cleaning up train wrecks..."