Nice University Hospital in France Installs ZOLL AutoPulse

Hospital and SDIS 06 to Both Provide Automated Chest Compressions to Cardiac Arrest Patients

Nice University Hospital in France Installs ZOLL AutoPulse

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ZOLL Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of medical devices and related software solutions, announced today that Nice University Hospital in Nice, France is equipping the hospital and the local fire brigade with the ZOLL . The 12 AutoPulse devices, financed by the Alps Maritime Regional Council, will be deployed between the hospital’s intensive care unit and SDIS 06, the local fire brigade that serves this Mediterranean seaport in southeast France.

The decision to purchase the AutoPulse was made after clinical evaluations undertaken by the SAMU (Service d'Aide Médicale Urgente or urgent medical aid service) and the intensive care unit (ICU) obtained better results with the AutoPulse over another automated CPR device.

According to Patrick Jambou, M.D., Transplant Coordinator at Nice University Hospital, “The AutoPulse easily adapts to a patient’s size with its unique LifeBand technology that squeezes the patient’s entire chest, whereas the other device was not able to resuscitate a slim patient due to its design.”

He also mentioned that the AutoPulse was a better fit in the SAMU’s helicopter and overall clinical data for the AutoPulse presented more credibility with regard to its efficiency.

“Nice University Hospital is to be commended for equipping both its ICU and ambulances with this life-saving equipment in an effort to improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest,” said Jonathan A. Rennert, President of ZOLL. “The ability to provide consistent, uninterrupted chest compressions, especially during patient transport, is a critical aspect of quality CPR essential to saving lives and advancing resuscitation.”

The AutoPulseis an automated, portable chest compression device with an easy-to-use, load-distributing LifeBand that squeezes the entire chest, improving blood flow to the heart and brain during sudden cardiac arrest. The AutoPulse delivers high-quality, uninterrupted CPR chest compressions to maintain myocardial and cerebral perfusion even when moving patients, traveling in an ambulance or while a patient is undergoing emergency cathertization for PCI. Additionally, it offers the benefit of freeing up clinicians to focus on other life-saving interventions.

SCA, an abrupt disruption of the heart’s function, which causes a lack of blood flow to vital organs, claims more than one million lives globally each year. It is the leading cause of unexpected death in the world and strikes without warning. Survival is poor at less than eight percent, but improvements in resuscitation practices could save as many as half of these victims.

Nice University Hospital is a multi-purpose public healthcare establishment, which represents the core values of French public service: ensuring access to healthcare for all, regardless of origin or social class. It offers a capacity of 1,900 beds, 330 helicopter operations, and employs a staff of more than 7,000 people with multiple skills. For more information, visit

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