2nd.MD Offers Specialists Opportunity to Expand Practice  

HOUSTON (June 8, 2011) ─ Healthcare is changing.  As President Obama touted, during his recent State of the Union Address, "...or a patient who can have face to face video chats with her doctor."  This prediction becomes a realization with the launch of 2nd.MD, a state-of-the-art online medical consultation service, which combines technology with medicine to provide easy, convenient access to leading healthcare specialists across the globe.    

Professionally, 2nd.MD provides a platform for physicians to expand the reach of their brand and practice.  The service allows participating physicians to worry more about people, and less about the paperwork, focusing solely on impacting lives when they need it most.  With participation from physicians at leading healthcare institutions such as The Cleveland Clinic, Methodist Hospital, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center and more, 2nd.MD enables physicians to share their knowledge around the world while empowering clients to take control of their health through face-to-face consultations.  For a nominal fee determined by each physician, users purchase 20 minute sessions with the specialist of their choice to discuss their medical inquiry.  While 2nd.MD is not the practice of medicine, the service offers clients access to personalized medical advice regardless of their proximity to the specialist.  To maintain the highest quality of service, all physicians registered with 2nd.MD must be board certified, as well as approved by the 2nd.MD advisory board.  

With 78 percent of Americans using the Internet, 2nd.MD utilizes the ease of access and familiarity with technology to create a consumer-driven health service. In three simple steps, clients of 2nd.MD can have a consultation with a leading physician from anywhere in the world: search, select and solve.  The state-of-the-art website allows users to find a leading physician by way of a disease, test and procedure, symptom or medication.  Clients are able to select a physician whose expertise, background, ratings and price best suit them by browsing comprehensive, personalized profiles.  Once a specialist is selected, clients are able to upload, email or mail any medical records and tests they wish to share with the specialist.   

Dr. Sean Orr, chief neurologist at Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, comments, "2nd.MD is a dream come true.  Now clients don't have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles for a consultation. Nor do they have to settle for a partial answer over the phone. Instead, we can discuss their concerns, questions and files, all from the comfort of their computers, wherever they may be." 

2nd.MD is the dream of CEO and founder, Clint Phillips, whose personal story inspired him to find a way to help the millions of people frustrated with the inability to access health information when they need it most.  Shortly after his daughter Gabi was born, Clint and his wife became concerned when Gabi had difficulty moving her right arm and leg.  As any concerned parent would react, they rushed her to the closest pediatrician.  Unfortunately, the physician was quick to note that he was not qualified to make a diagnosis, forcing the Phillips' to spend the next two weeks searching for a specialist.  As the specialist was located four hours from their home, the Phillips' had to make extensive preparations for the visit.  After a lengthy wait, the neurologist examined Gabi and decided that she needed further testing. Just recently did the Phillips' finally receive the diagnosis they sought.  

"In researching and building a team to develop 2nd.MD, the need for mastery and ease in today's healthcare environment was constantly brought up," said, Clint Phillips, CEO and founder of 2nd.MD.  "2nd.MD will further open the lines of communication between consumers and their physicians with no boundaries or limitations. It is our goal to bring comfort and ease to the clients of 2nd.MD with this great medical resource."  

The robust site includes a quality rating system which encompasses referrals from physicians as well as clients.  Physicians have the ability to rate fellow physicians while clients have the ability to rate their specialist after they have participated in a session with the physician.  This process eliminates the inaccuracy of feedback from unqualified individuals.   

To allow global access to this service, 2nd.MD will offer translation services for a nominal fee, allowing physicians and clients to communicate across the globe with no limitations.  Research has shown that ninety percent of appointments performed by specialists do not require physical contact with the patient.   

"2nd.MD is charting a new course in healthcare, delivering ease- a service that solves geography, language, marketing, and administration," concluded Phillips.  "Expertise is going global, it is our goal to provide the greatest doctors to the world and make it easy."     

About 2nd.MD 

2nd.MD is a revolutionary web-based healthcare service providing face-to-face consultations with leading specialists in over 27 specialties and 240 sub-specialties.  A one-of-a-kind service dedicated to helping people find the right advice when they need it the most.  Clients are able to search, select and see a doctor of their choice from leading institutions throughout the world from the comfort of their own home.   

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