New Viewpoint Analytics Enhancements Include McKesson’s Disease Monitor and Medical Risk Scoring

MDI has just completed a new release of its industry-leading healthcare analytics solution, including improved risk scoring, more accurate predictive modeling, and integrated disease monitoring from McKesson

PONTE VEDRA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- MDI has released a major enhancement to Viewpoint Analytics, a powerful web-based healthcare data warehousing, management, and reporting solution. Among the biggest additions to Viewpoint’s suite of capabilities, MDI has integrated McKesson’s CareEnhance® Disease Monitor solution, improved Viewpoint’s innovative medical risk scoring, and enhanced overall reporting speed and performance through data cubing. This enhancement is the largest software release ever for MDI, which has created custom provider networks and analytics platforms since 1992.

Viewpoint Analytics is a comprehensive data warehousing and analytics solution, providing secure storage and role-based reporting capabilities for employers, payers, administrators, providers and more. Viewpoint data warehousing aggregates and normalizes medical and pharmacy claims data, lab data, eligibility data, and more into a single, flexible database. From there, users can run standard reports, create custom analyses, drilldown, and visualize information in near real-time.

The newest release of Viewpoint Analytics offers a number of enhancements, including:

Disease Monitor Integration
Viewpoint users can now utilize McKesson’s Disease Monitor to identify and track more than twenty chronic diseases. Once a chronic disease has been identified, disease managers can apply clinical algorithms to determine the best type of intervention, detect treatment failures or non-compliance, and monitor comorbidities and complications.

Medical Risk Score Modeling
The Risk Score is a proprietary program that identifies patient’s overall health risk from a clinical and financial point of view. The tool combines severity, frequency, pharmacy, and cost data for a patient, then compares them against an extensive database of past healthcare claims to determine the patient’s overall score.

Enhanced Predictive Modeling & Reporting
Viewpoint’s already powerful predictive modeling software has also been improved, including a more accurate decision-tree model and a sliding scale that allows users to adjust predicted costs according to specific time frames or events. Additional reporting features include the ability to automatically send up-to-date reports to multiple users at regularly scheduled intervals.

Data Cubing
Many of the new features and capabilities of Viewpoint Analytics are made possible through MDI’s advanced data cubing technologies. Data is mapped to a multi-dimensional database, which organizes information by patient, provider, diagnosis, procedure, eligibility, Rx, demographics, and a variety of custom fields. Once in place, these “data cubes” automatically calculate relationships between data points, dramatically improving the speed and accuracy of reports across the board.

Enhanced Pharmacy Data
As part of the database enhancements, MDI has also integrated more pharmacy data, providing better analytics and reporting of patient’s pharmaceutical expenses. With the rising costs of pharmacy claims, these capabilities will provide customers with even greater awareness of their healthcare spending.

The full software release involved the development and deployment of fourteen distributed applications, combined in a single, web-based solution.

“This is by far the largest software update and release we’ve ever taken on, and I think it pushes Viewpoint Analytics well beyond the feature sets of most healthcare data solutions,” said Chris Gray, Director of Software Development for MDI. “With the flexibility and the capabilities we offer here, Viewpoint can help any number of employers, providers, and healthcare professionals take control of their data to improve quality of care and reduce healthcare spending.”

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