New Stanford hospital draws inspiration from Apple innovator

Will the new Stanford Hospital resemble an Apple retail store?

That's what the blog Cult of Mac speculates. As evidence, it notes that Ron Johnson, senior vice president of retail for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), plays a prominent role in a video on the Stanford Hospital Corporate Partners Program, which he hosts. He is shown pouring over plans and architectural models with the main architect, Rafael Vinoly.

Johnson is largely credited as the brains behind the Apple stores and associated with innovations such as the Genius Bar.

Apple is one of the six Silicon Valley corporate partners that is helping donate $150 million to develop the new Stanford hospital.

In a video clip about the Stanford Hospital Corporate Partners Program, which is a recruiting tool, Johnson says we may not know what the technology will be like 10 to 50 years from now. "But we all know that the pace of change for technology is accelerating," he says. "We've got to design a hospital that's set up to adapt to whatever change that technology might bring."

Johnson sets the bar for the hospital high. "The whole idea behind the Stanford Hospital Corporate Partners Program is to unite the pioneer companies of the Silicon Valley with the new Stanford hospital to create methods of taking care of patients that really have not been imagined yet."

The original Stanford hospital was built during the Eisenhower era, over half a century ago.

To learn more:
- here's the Cult of Mac article
- see the fly-by video of the proposed hospital
- see the video on the Stanford Hospital Corporate Partners program that features Ron Johnson

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