New phishing scams target doctors and their data; States propose constitutional amendments to ban health insurance mandates;

> Physicians tend to have a good deal of money--recent med school grads with mountains of debt notwithstanding. Increasingly, physicians also are the gatekeepers of rich storehouses of valuable data. And thus they are becoming inviting targets for a sophisticated bunch of scam artists who practice a technique known as "spearphishing." FierceHealthIT

> Republican lawmakers in 34 states are on a mission to ban government health insurance mandates, creating constitutional amendments against such mandates. Clint Bolick, of Phoenix's Goldwater Institute--which helped Arizona to create its amendment--calls such efforts "a way to manifest grass roots opposition." Article

> New month, new layoff announcement: GlaxoSmithKline is plotting to cut up to 4,000 more jobs, with an announcement coming later this week accompanying its earnings, London newspapers are reporting. Most of the lost jobs will come from the U.S. and Europe as the company continues to broaden its global focus. FiercePharma

And Finally... What a smart boy! He deserves a biscuit. Article