New Jersey's Largest EMS Deploys In Motion Technology

Vancouver, BC, Canada and Neptune, NJ, December 8, 2009 - In Motion Technology, the leader in mobile networking technologies that efficiently connect and manage equipment, information and people in the field, today announced that its end-to-end solutions have been deployed by MONOC Mobile Health Services - New Jersey's largest EMS agency -- to strengthen communications, track ambulances and monitor in-vehicle medication inventories.

"From improving communications to monitoring medications, In Motion Technology has changed the way we respond to calls and care for patients," said Joe Acciavatti, MONOC Director of Operations and Communications. "It enables us to provide the best possible service for the residents of Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington, Mercer, Hudson, Essex, Bergen and Passaic counties."

In Motion's onBoard Mobile Gateway (US Patent #7,382,771) turns each advanced life-support ambulance into a secure, mobile communications hotspot, allowing paramedics in and around the vehicle to send and receive patient care records, emails, dispatches and other critical information with unmatched reliability.

MONOC uses the GPS-equipped Gateway to map and monitor cellular networks, and connect each unit using the wireless carrier with the best coverage. In areas where coverage is spotty, the Gateway roams across networks to ensure that critical data gets though instantaneously - leaving paramedics free to focus on saving lives.

"In Motion Technology has enabled us to achieve wireless mobile connectivity greater than 95 percent," said Acciavatti, who is also a team leader for the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS), which has accredited MONOC. "It works so seamlessly, our staff doesn't even know it's there, but we rely on it for every advanced life-support call."

Using the latest remote sensing technology, In Motion can also provide vital medication inventory safeguards by alerting command staff when controlled substances are removed from a vehicle. The system, currently being tested by MONOC, can pinpoint the last known location in the event that a drug goes missing. It will also enable the use of onboard sensors to send alerts if the safety or efficacy of a medication is jeopardized by excessive temperatures.

In Motion's onBoard Mobility Manager also provides MONOC headquarters staff with powerful new fleet management tools that have helped reduce response times and prevent breakdowns. The Mobility Manager tracks the location, direction and speed of each Gateway-equipped vehicle, and monitors engine performance and diagnostics.

A recognized leader emergency medicine technology, MONOC serves 2.8 million residents in eight counties across eastern New Jersey. With more than 100 vehicles making 165,000 calls each year, MONOC is the state's largest ambulance fleet.

"MONOC helps set standards and best practices for ambulance services nationwide, and we are proud to earn their trust," said Tony Morris, VP Sales & Marketing for In Motion Technology. "Although there are many mobile wireless solutions on the market today, In Motion Technology provides a unique and powerful combination of highly reliable and secure communications, real-time fleet management and remote asset tracking and monitoring. We are pleased to partner with MONOC to serve the people of New Jersey."

About In Motion Technology
In Motion Technology is the leader in mobile networking technologies that connect and manage equipment, information and people in the field. In Motion's patented mobile wireless hotspot technology (US Patent #7,382,771) enables people on the road to stay in constant contact, as onboard communications roam seamlessly across wireless networks. It provides organizations with real-time information to manage operations to peak efficiency, and frees individuals to be effective anywhere, any time. Today, In Motion's solutions are used by more than 240 municipal, healthcare, public safety, transportation and utility organizations worldwide. Founded in 2002, In Motion Technology is based in Vancouver, BC. For more information, please call Louise Labuda (In Motion Technology) at (604) 523-2371 ext. 538 or Michael Rubin (Rubin|Meyer) at (202) 898-0995, or visit