New advances in day-to-day medical technologies


This coming week, I'll be hosting what should prove to be a very interesting webinar on some important new improvements to critical day-to-day medical systems.

In the webinar, we'll be hearing about coming changes to standard technologies such as imaging and ultrasound enabled by embedded technology. (For non-technical types reading this, an embedded system is a single-purpose microprocessor board which sits inside of a larger device.) Because they can pack so much into a single board, embedded systems can make it simpler to shrink devices down to newly-compact forms.

As FierceHealthcare readers, know, advances like the 64-slice CT scan are already changing the practice of medicine by working far more quickly and offering much greater detail.

So what if you could squeeze all of the features of a high-end ultrasound or medical imaging system into a portable or even a handheld device? Or bring patient monitoring, diagnostic and testing equipment to a patient's home or out in the field?

Manageable, portable technologies like these could easily change a physician's care patterns, help a nurse call on home-bound patients, improve diagnosis in emergency situations, make it simpler to perform tests in remote rural areas and more. What more? Join us for the Q&A and get some answers from the experts.

To sign up, just visit this website. I look forward to seeing you there!

P.S. You may also want to check out our last webinar, available on demand here, which explains how hospitals can set up secure remote network access for doctors. - Anne