Navigating Cancer Launches Pioneering Online Medical History Application for Cancer Patients

Unique and personalized online system improves accuracy and quality of health information provided by patients to their healthcare team

SEATTLE, July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Navigating Cancer is putting the power of cancer treatment advocacy and management into the hands of cancer patients. The free website, which empowers cancer patients to take an active role in their care and partner more closely with their physicians during treatment, has created a unique medical history form that enables patients to manage and update their medical history on demand.

Many cancer patients see a number of doctors and specialists throughout diagnosis and treatment, with each new visit requiring a lengthy medical history form. Navigating Cancer's online system streamlines the process as patients can log their information on the site, creating a 360-degree view of their health that can be saved, edited and printed prior to each meeting with members of their healthcare team. It puts more accountability into patients' hands while providing them with a comprehensive overview of their own care.

For oncology clinics, the medical history form ensures their healthcare team is receiving the most accurate, complete and up-to-date information, enabling them to provide patients with the best care. In addition, it will save them time and money by eliminating the need for mailing new patient intake forms.

"We're enhancing our patient intake process using Navigating Cancer's Medical History Forms. Instead of mailing out forms to patients, we're asking them to fill out their information online prior to coming to their appointment, which will allow us not only to save time but to get a complete medical history from patients when they have the information readily available." - Lynn Sawyer, Practice Administrator, Hematology & Oncology Consults, Orlando, FL

Information gathered includes a thorough review of systems, patient history, insurance information, previous cancer and other conditions, family medical history, social and lifestyle habits and health maintenance. Patients can also use Navigating Cancer's daily health tracking tools to record treatment and medication symptoms and side effects, allowing their healthcare team to optimize their care based on factual data.

"As a cancer survivor, I wish Navigating Cancer's medical history form would have been available during my treatment. To have a database where I can store all my info and have access to it whenever I need it is really wonderful. This would have saved me the hassle of filling out the same forms over and over for each new doctor visit. As a life coach that works with cancer patients, I will recommend this to all my clients."Robert Scholl,

Patients can save and edit their medical history on Navigating Cancer's secure website, which uses SSL encryption, the same technology used by banks for online transactions.

Oncology professionals can visit Navigating Cancer to learn more about our online medical history form features and benefits, or can email [email protected] to schedule a demo.

There is also a dedicated page for patients outlining the features and benefits of the medical history form specifically for them.

About Navigating Cancer

Navigating Cancer ( is dedicated to empowering cancer patients to navigate their best care. Navigating Cancer is a free application that offers personalized tools and authoritative cancer resources to help patients take control of their health and partner more closely with their physicians support network and other like patients. The company was founded in 2008 by technology and healthcare veterans and is based in Seattle, Washington.

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