National Medical Association Supportive of FCC Net Neutrality Proposal; Sees Positive Implications for Telehealth

SILVER SPRING, Md., Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today released details about its net neutrality proposal to be considered in December. The following statement is from Kweisi Mfume, Executive Director of the National Medical Association (NMA):

"Based on today's announcement by the Federal Communications Commission, the National Medical Association believes the FCC is acting prudently by working to develop a middle ground solution for net neutrality rules applied to the Internet, and our organization is encouraged by remarks indicating that the final proposal will steer clear of extreme measures, such as the path of Title II reclassification."

"If approved, a compromise would enable and promote wider adoption of healthcare solutions, services and information through use of the Internet. Such a plan, as outlined today by Chairman Genachowski, would allow for large segments of the African American population to access healthcare solutions via wired and wireless broadband connections, benefiting everyone. Healthcare costs are reduced through such technologies, and new offerings powered by the Internet allow for better monitoring and care of chronic diseases disproportionately impacting the urban and rural communities."

"Reaching agreement on net neutrality would stimulate further investment in telemedicine technologies; bring affordable access to more Americans, and work to eliminate healthcare disparities in underserved communities."

"The NMA views the FCC's announcement today as a path toward carefully consideration to preserve an open Internet, while ensuring access to the many vital benefits offered by broadband."

SOURCE National Medical Association