Multi-bed hospital rooms increase disease transmission; California legislature passes doc-assisted suicide bill;

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> Researchers from the University of Leeds have found that multi-bed hospital rooms increase disease transmission by 20 percent, according to the British Science Association. Article

> Controversial legislation to legalize physician-assisted suicide in California is on its way to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk. If the bill is signed into law, California would become the fifth state to allow the option, NPR reports. Article

> The Connecticut Office of Health Care Access has approved Windham Hospital's proposal to change its critical care unit into a progressive care unit, and does not require a certificate of need, The Bulletin reports.  Article

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> Telehealth offers an ideal way to provide ongoing communication and care coordination for caregivers of patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), a case study from the Department of Veterans Affairs illustrates, according to an article at Telemedicine and e-Health. Article.

> Google recently announced it's updating its health conditions feature to cover with information on more than 900 diseases, providing quick at-a-glance info on symptoms, treatment and more. Article

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