More Americans going abroad for medically necessary surgeries; Ohio's 'pill mill' bill to Senate;

> A former nurse has pleaded guilty to stealing painkillers meant for patients at Minneapolis-area hospital, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The woman admitted to posing as a hospital employee and siphoning meds out of patients' IV bags. Article

> More Americans consider going abroad for medically necessary surgeries such as hip or knee replacements. Yet, these patients need more information than just potential cost-savings of medical tourism, says Dr. Nicholas Abidi of Santa Cruz Orthopaedic Institute. Press release

> Nurses in contract disputes at several Massachusetts hospitals are intensifying the pressure via picketing and protests, reports the Boston Globe. Hospital administrators fear the Massachusetts Nurses Association--which represents 23,000 registered nurses at 85 facilities--is planning a strike at five hospitals on April 22. Article

> A bill designed to attack Ohio's prescription-drug abuse problem moves onto the Senate with unanimous House approval, reports the Ohio Dispatch. The 'pill mill' bill would increase reporting requirements for physicians who supply prescription drugs as well as limit physicians to only dispense 2,500 doses in a 30-day period. Article

And Finally... This dentist provides his own laughing gas. Article