Mobile, Secure Personal Health Record System Puts Electronic Medical Records at Consumers' Fingertips Through Smart Phones and M

WASHINGTON, Aug. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CORAnet Solutions, Inc. announces the release of its mobile personal health record system that has two applications: the CORAVault™ that provides private individuals access to their electronic medical records through their smart phones and mobile devices, and the CORAnet Emergency Widget that provides basic medical information in case of emergency. As individuals become more mobile, the need to access personal medical records immediately, 24/7 from anywhere around the world, has increasingly been a major challenge for medical personnel. The problem becomes more acute during an emergency when immediate access to medical records is needed and time is of the essence.

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CORAVault™ addresses the questions of what will happen to individuals' records when their doctors close their practices or even die, when a hospital closes, when individuals move to different locations or when they travel and happen to get sick. It also allows sharing of medical records for parents who would like to manage their children's records from birth to adulthood, and for children who would like to manage their elderly parents' medical records.

CORAVault™ integrates disparate EMR systems and any CCD/CCR compliant medical record from many different sources such as hospitals, doctors' offices and clinics, and unifies them into a single record that is accessed through smart phones and mobile devices in a secure manner. The CORAnet Emergency Widget identifies individuals who are unconscious and unable to speak by showing basic bio data such as name, date of birth, blood type, allergies and current medications. Not only does it identify the patient, it also notifies the emergency point of contact by email and SMS of the location and occurrence of emergency.

The Emergency CORAnet Widget is now available at the Google App Store for $1.99. To download the application, please go to:

The full access to the EMR (CORAVault™ application) is soon to come to the Google Market. For an introduction video, please visit:

CORAnet Solutions, Inc. is inviting hospitals, clinics, physicians and other health care providers to add the following link to their websites to allow their patients access to their own medical records:

To learn more about CORAnet Solutions, Inc. please go to

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CORAnet Solutions, Inc., founded in 2009, is a leading innovator of EMR solutions and is an affiliate of Aliron International, Inc., a health services management company that has been providing health care services to the US DOD and VA for the last 21 years and environmental technology solutions to some countries in the Far East.

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