Military scientists making dengue fever progress; Judge throws out RICO class action;

> Military scientists have been hard at work in Thailand developing a new vaccine to combat dengue fever--and it looks like they're seeing some success. FierceVaccines

> According to a study released earlier this week in the Annals of Family medicine, 8,000 black Americans could be saved each year if doctors could find a way to bring their blood-pressure levels down to those of whites people. Article

> Unable to secure enough funding, San Diego's MicroIslet filed for bankruptcy. The company plans to continue operating the business without interruption as management focuses on developing and executing on a corporate restructuring plan. FierceBiotech

> Do RICO claims against drugmakers have a real chance? The answer appears to be yes and no. A federal judge in Florida threw out a case pitting several union health benefit funds against AstraZeneca over Seroquel. FiercePharma

And Finally... This student thought she was just being fashionable! Article