MI attorney general urges control of premiums; PA spends millions on Medicaid for unqualified beneficiaries;

> The Michigan attorney general is asking legislators to keep a tight grip on their control of the rates set by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. The health plan had previously filed legislation that would loosen oversight of their rate-setting process. Article

> A new state audit has found that the state of Pennsylvania has spent millions on Medicaid for patients who were no longer eligible. Article

> The FDA is asking an advisory panel to consider whether Darvon and Darvocet medications should be removed from the market. The drugs have faced widespread criticism over their role in patient deaths. FiercePharma

> Johnson & Johnson's head of drug research and development is urging that drug developers learn to collaborate more with biotech companies and academic researchers. FierceBioResearcher

And Finally... Sometimes, guys who ride a white horse are just idiots. Article