MGMA speaker makes business case to innovate healthcare communication

The healthcare industry's recent focus on patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores don't go deeply enough into repairing the core breakdowns in the way organizations help patients heal, according to M. Bridget Duffy, M.D., chief medical officer at Vocera Communications in San Francisco, who spoke at this week's Medical Group Management Association's annual conference. "I think we're really late to the game in healthcare to focus on what matters most to the patient," she said in an exclusive interview with FiercePracticeManagement. "I often think, 'Shame on us that we waited until the government mandated that we actually measure satisfaction, publicly report it and tie it to reimbursement.' But what's happened in the race to react to this mandate is that the focus is on customer service or service recovery versus clinical innovations around the human experience that restore dignity and respect back to healthcare." Read the full article at FiercePracticeManagement