Health system to utilize IOD's ICD-10 GYM™ to achieve accurate and productive coding across centralized operation

Green Bay, Wis. – April 22, 2013 – IOD Incorporated, a leading provider of integrated Health Information Management (HIM) solutions for hospitals, healthcare systems and clinics, today announced the selection of the ICD-10 GYM by Methodist Healthcare as an integral part of its internal ICD-10 coder training initiatives.

With IOD's ICD-10 GYM, Methodist Healthcare's coders receive a customized coding library of their charts to practice for the impending ICD-10 implementation on Oct. 1, 2014. The training program enables HIM professionals to code a high volume of charts and receive audit feedback in real time to better assess speed and accuracy relative to ICD-10 proficiency. Through its time tracking features, IOD's ICD-10 GYM measures ICD‐10 coding efficiency during the practice phase, so that Methodist Healthcare can establish realistic productivity standards in the immediate post‐implementation phase and beyond. This is a critical step in preparation as ICD-10 presents a dramatic change to HIM in the face of resource and capital constraints.

"Training and practice are the two central components for Methodist Healthcare as we look to prepare our coders for ICD-10," said Meg McGill, corporate administrative director of HIM at Methodist Healthcare. "IOD's ICD-10 GYM provides a hands-on training program, creating a forum for coders to not only gain critical experience, but also provide real-time data and analytics. The ability to assess accuracy and productivity at this level of detail was the deciding factor in our decision to partner with IOD."

IOD's ICD-10 GYM and associated analytics creates a roadmap for coders, like those at Methodist Healthcare, to effectively track progress in order to achieve targeted objectives.

"The ICD-10 transition is the Y2K of healthcare revenue cycle and presents the biggest change in HIM in 30 years" said George Abatjoglou, CEO of IOD. "Methodist Healthcare's selection of the ICD-10 GYM signifies a critical understanding of the importance of this change and the need for adequate preparation to ensure it is a non-event, and we look forward to helping Methodist and others achieve success in this new era for HIM."

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