Milwaukee, WI, September 17, 2009 - Continuing its technology leadership in image-enabling the healthcare enterprise, Merge Healthcare, (Nasdaq: MRGE), today announced the release of FusionWebTM, a revolutionary zero-client software platform that enables secure Web access for the real-time exchange of patient information, procedure reports and digital images. The first FusionWeb application developed specifically for referring clinicians gives radiology providers of any size a cost-effective means of improving system interoperability and workflow efficiency, and delivers on the common desire for an image enabled electronic health record (EHR).

"After experiencing FusionWeb, we are certain it will bring our referring physician practices and our hospital partners the flexibility and accessibility to consolidate workflow and get through their day with much more efficiency," says Christine Keefe, Chief Financial Officer at Metro Imaging, LLC of St. Louis, Missouri, a FusionWeb beta site. "With everyone [who has an assigned, secure logon] able to interact with both work lists and images, our referring physician's nurses have their daily cases prepared in advance, with minimal effort and little need of phone calls to coordinate efforts." Keefe continues, "To us, 'zero client' means ‘zero hassle', and we're very excited that there are no more firewalls, ActiveX controls, downloads or browser upgrades to contend with."

FusionWeb gives hospitals and imaging centers the ability to include diagnostic images as part of a patient's EHR regardless of browser type, operating platform or security policies; and without the need to install or maintain subsequent visualization devices or software plug-ins. Not only does the availability of images provide referring physicians a more comprehensive view of each patient case, but it also enables an extremely fluid interaction between health care partners in providing treatment.

"Fusion Web is a significant expansion of Merge's vision of interoperability and clinical systems integration, and will definitively improve the exchange of medical images and information," says Tim Kulbago, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Development for Merge Healthcare. "Solving the problem of delivering an interactive experience for diagnostic images without the need for plug-ins is a true breakthrough, as this technology assures all clinicians have simple and comprehensive access to an image-enabled health record. This provides tremendous value to health care practitioner and patient alike."

Based on Merge's Cedara WebAccessTM technology, the FusionWeb application is available for any diagnostic imaging practice. The browser-based workspace brings a unique and customizable set of viewing tools and security features that allow imaging centers and hospitals to brand and maintain their portal for optimal use and efficiency. When bundled with Fusion RISTM and PACS products, the FusionWeb application provides online order entry and visibility into patient status for referring physicians. Further information about FusionWeb can be found at and