Mercy Jets Finalizes Testing on In-Flight Automated Medical Records

Medical transport company will soon feature iPad integration on air ambulance flights, increasing the amount of time that the medical team can spend on patient care.

PHOENIX, March 22, 2012  /PRNewswire/ -- Mercy Jets has announced it is finalizing testing of iPad integration on its air ambulance flights. The innovative technology automates the monitoring of the patient's vital signs and assists in recording patient interactions, ensuring Complete Continuity of Care during the medical transport.

Using electronic medical record (EMR) technology, the iPad application allows the Mercy Jets medical team to access important patient care information, easily identifying which procedures have been accomplished and what medications have been administered. This will increase the amount of time that the medical team can spend focusing directly on patient care while simultaneously reducing the possibility of misinterpretation by the receiving facility. Data can then be forwarded to the facility receiving the patient so that healthcare providers will have up-to-date information upon arrival.

"This enhances patient care continuity and eliminates the challenge of trying to decipher handwritten notes by care givers at the receiving end," said John Bohn, president of Mercy Jets. "The automated system integrates nicely with our advanced medical equipment and allows us to ensure the best medical care in the industry." With the testing phase soon to be complete, the Phoenix-based medical transportation company will integrate the iPad technology with patient care records on its medical transport flights.

About Mercy Jets: Mercy Jets ( is a professional air ambulance company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The medical transport company provides Complete Continuity of Care during emergency and non-emergency transport services to patients in domestic and worldwide destinations. Mercy Jets' professional medical flight transportation teams receive the highest levels of training in their field. Personnel on jet flights may include certified nurses, physician's assistants, doctors and paramedics.

SOURCE Mercy Jets